Attention type 2 and prediabetics...

Discover How To Treat Diabetes Without Drugs, Insulin or Crazy Diets, and Get Significantly Lower Blood Sugar Naturally:


I am going to give you the opportunity to download one of the most important and life-changing guides ever released to the diabetic community. News of this book is spreading like wildfire across the Internet right now. In it, you will find the natural diabetes solution that every diabetic wants, but that your doctor, the pharmaceutical companies, or any other author for that matter, will never share with you. 

And guess what?

The Information Is So Simple That You Can Use It Immediately

All the strategies are scientifically verified, based on research from leading universities and institutions around the world. 

Importantly, because these treatments target the root causes of diabetes, they enhance your body's inherent blood sugar control and allows you to improve your blood sugar regulation automatically.  

Some of the things you'll discover include:

  • Numerous natural treatments that enhance insulin sensitivity (this causes your insulin to be more effective 24/7) 
  • How researchers at Newcastle University, UK, restored normal insulin secretion in a group of type 2 diabetics in 8 weeks
  • Why vegetarians and blood donors have lower diabetes risk, and how to mimic this effect without donating blood or giving up meat 
  • How eating the bark of a certain tree can lower blood sugar -25 mg/dl in type 2 diabetics (this is available in any grocery store as a delicious spice) 
  • How to increase your carbohydrate tolerance so blood sugar spikes are lower, even when you eat carbohydrate-rich foods 
  • How the order in which you eat foods can lower the glycemic index (eat certain foods first in the meal to minimize blood sugar spikes) 
  • How to compose your breakfast to reduce blood sugar, blood pressure and decimate hunger 
  • The diet that reduced kidney failure and death by 50% compared to the standard diet in type 2 diabetics at risk of kidney failure! (This should be required reading for any diabetic, not to mention doctor)

  • Which meal of the day should be your largest and smallest, respectively 
  • The weird food that consistently lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood fats (I really don't know how to classify this food) 
  • How to cook your food to reduce inflammation, insulin resistance and disease markers (it's actually easier to cook this way, too)
  • How coffee impacts diabetes 
  • Antidiabetic spices (easy to add to most meals) 
  • The mineral that promotes diabetes, insulin resistance and pancreatic dysfunction (balancing this mineral is one of the most important, and overlooked, strategies to fight diabetes)
  • How protein, carbohydrate and fat impact blood sugar 
  • How alcohol affects blood sugar 
  • The diet that dropped blood sugar from a diabetic 189 milligrams per decilieter to a perfectly normal 88, in 13 months (participants also lost 54 pounds or 24½ kilos, improved their cholesterol and blood fats, without being forced to count calories or go hungry) 

Here's a chart of their results:

  • The two most important minerals that diabetics are commonly deficient in (increasing your intake enhances blood sugar control) 
  • Many natural antidiabetic supplements, including one that rivals prescription drugs (one supplement lowered blood sugar by 36% in 13 weeks in one study, comparable to metformin)
  • How to lower your blood sugar with nuts (including the two best nuts for diabetics
  • Antidiabetic beverages and superfoods 
  • Diet strategies that virtually force your blood sugar to go down 
  • Lifestyle factors and how they affect your blood sugar 
  • The truth about red wine and diabetes (Helpful or harmful, after all? What does the science say?)
  • How to reduce inflammation that promotes insulin resistance
  • 100% natural, prescription-free methods 
  • Remedies you can start using TODAY
  • Updated February 2015 with the latest studies 
  • 100 pages 
  • Backed by 257 scientific sources, yet easy to understand even if you never finished high school
  • Based on research on groups of diabetics, not individuals. Hence, the results above ARE typical.

And that's just some of the strategies found in this downloadable book. It is called The Solution For Diabetes, and it is based on over 10 years or research and self-experimentation by the author, Martin Malmberg, who has dedicated his life to uncovering effective natural treatments for diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. 

The Answers Are Found In This Guide:

Importantly, because it is downloadable, in PDF format, you can get started today. Any computer or tablet device can open it. You don't have to wait for anything in the mail, or pay any shipping costs. 

There is no other book like this anywhere, one that will show you how to improve the two root causes of diabetes (most authors, doctors, dietitians etc. couldn't even tell you what those primary defects are.)

Until this book was put together, only bits and pieces of these concepts were scattered in medical journals. This is the first time that such a comprehensive, accurate and detailed guide even exists. 

Who will this work for?

These strategies will lower blood sugar for type 1, type 2 and prediabetics.

  • Whether you're lean or overweight... (in fact, it's easier if you're overweight)
  • Old or young...
  • Recently diagnosed or had diabetes for a long time.

How can this change your life? 

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for diabetes drugs, including injected insulin
  • Allow you to eat a normal, healthy, diet again, including carbs (although you can't gorge on crazy junk food all the time)
  • Never have to prick your finger regulary again to check your blood sugar
  • Reduce your fasting and long term blood sugar (HbA1c)​

As a consequence of lower blood sugar, you can minimize your risk of diabetic complications like

  • A shortened life (5-10 years shorter is not uncommon)
  • Heart attacks (2-4 times more likely than non-diabetics)
  • High blood pressure (and the resulting risk of strokes)
  • Toe and foot amputations
  • Kidney failure leading to a lifetime of dialysis, or a kidney transplant, if you're lucky enough to get one...
  • Blindness
  • Painful neuropathy in the feet and hands
  • Premature aging (yes, high blood sugar ages the skin too)
  • And many more so called "complications"


Order Today And Get These 3 Bonus Reports

Bonus #1: Diabetic Diet Secrets

This diet has proven superior to the standard and Mediterranean diets for diabetics in clinical studies. 

  • Simple, delicious, easy-to-follow
  • Suppressed hunger compared to Mediterranean diet
  • Significantly lowered blood sugar in type 2 and prediabetics in just 6 weeks
  • Realistic program, even with full-time job, kids, family and other obligations

Side effects include: weight loss, lower cholesterol, blood fats and blood pressure. 

Bonus #2: Weight Loss Supplements That Work

With so many bogus weight loss pills out there, it's hard to find supplements that actually work, without too many side effects. 

Discover the best supplements that:

  • Suppress hunger and appetite
  • Reduce the desire to snack between meals
  • Minimize weight rebound after weight loss
  • And burn extra calories

One supplement is completely free and I guarantee you have it in your home already so you can start using it today.

Bonus #3: How To Stop Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Peripheral diabetic neuropathy is the tingling, burning, "pins and needles" feelings, the pain and numbness that a lot of diabetics get in their feet and hands, caused by high blood sugar (and other factors) over time.

  • In this report, you'll find scientifically proven natural treatments such as: 
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Pain-relieving creams and sprays
  • Physical stimulation

They're prescription-free and, in addition to relieving the symptoms, actually target some of the root causes. Imagine being free to live your life as you want to, and finally get a restful night's sleep again.

About The Price And Guarantee:


Lower Your Blood Sugar

In fact, if you don't substantially lower your blood sugar within 60 days, we'll also refund your money. We can give this crazy guarantee because we know the strategies work. Period. 

 Buy Now - $37 

What Others Are Saying

"The level of detail and the information given is of a very high standard"
“I received a copy of The Solution For Diabetes and, as someone with type 2 diabetes, I was very interested to read it to learn more about if, and how, it could be possible to improve the condition, something I had never even considered possible. I expected to find a thirty odd page ebook full of generalisations, hints and tips, and after only the first few pages, it became apparent that I had something in front of me that was far from this.

The level of detail and the information given is of a very high standard, at times almost bordering on that of scientific paper, however remaining perfectly readable to a point where I found it difficult to put down.

If you or someone close to you has diabetes, I highly recommend you get this book, because it will improve your life and well being.”
Phil S., Type 2 diabetic
Lake District, England
"There are just too many ideas packed into this package to try them all"
I have been a type 2 diabetic for over 10 years and suffer from high glucose, neuropathy, and poor eye sight all because of my type two diabetes.

I consider myself an expert when it comes to diabetes research. I must have compiled thousands of articles and so-call solutions to manage my diabetes. The Solution For Diabetes along with all the other resources are truly a comprehensive package and cover just about everything to help manage and fight diabetes.

I am using many of the techniques to help manage my condition. There are just too many ideas packed into this package to try them all. This really is a fantastic package and I give it two thumbs-up and a buy recommendation.
Brian M. Wilson
McCormick, South Carolina


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